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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm not in pain today.

Hello guys.

Ok well here I am, sitting in front of my pc and basically I’ve no idea what to do and to blog about.

0-2 to Chelsea, not too bad right?

Yes, too many events happening around me, that I don't really have the time and space for my blogging hour.

We’ve planning to back to hometown, perhaps, by this weekend but it’s not bear out yet by us. Hurm. Ntah. Fuad tu.. kejap dpt cuti, kejap tak. Huuuuuuuu. *sad* The most recent time, I went back to hometown around early of February, and it was almost 5 months ago. Yes, I missed hommie damn much. Miss mum so much though I keep calling her everyday. Fuad Sayang, if u read this post, I wanted u to know that I really, really want to back to hometown and I didn’t mean to high my pitch to u last night, in fact, it happened unintentionally. Sorry, sayang. I heart u a lot and it’s uncountable, okay.

Hey, hey, bolt from the blue, both of us are ready to move to the “next” level and I pleased to hear that. =)

I had nasi briyani at Asam Laksa Café, The Weld for my lunch and it really made my tummy full.

I bought Sex and The City’s DVD, yes indeed, `pirate’ one loh. *giggles* at Uptown last 2 days and the best part is the DVD’s not working. I keep trying and trying, put it in the DVD player BUT its sucks stucked! Cist..

Hey hey. Slight update on Herbal Life thingy ya. :) Recently, I’ve `shrink’ a bit. *laughs* yes, my weight is reducing and I’ve lost a few kilos again. I’m happy. As per I mentioned before, come and talk to me if u want to know the hush-hush of this and believe me u will get the special price that u wont get from others.


Owh ya. Try to keep this in ur head.
“God will not give you something that you can't handle.”

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