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Wednesday, July 23, 2008



Seriously, I’ve ran out of things to blog about. Chaotic week and disorganized well. I’ve ton of work to be done. I’ve thousands of case to be follow-up. I have to meet my sponsor. I have to meet my HL buyer. Err.. Another buyer too. =(
I’ve to go to HL HQ to purchase stocks of HL. I’ve to find another rent house in addition for the Sentul one. We (better-half and me) went to Sentul last night, find for house to be rent. And 2 house indeed, one for me and another one for better half and his colleagues.
I went shopping last week, I’ve managed to grab 3-inch white pump, a pair of new jeans from Espirit and a new must-have Guess shirt. =)
Today, after work, we’ll have meeting regarding new ING products that will be launched soon. So hips, sooner u’ll see all the bunting, banner and ads on tv too.

What else.
Hurm. On 9th August, ING having a fiesta, like a family day at somewhere around Cheras if im not mistaken, and the best is I didn’t stick on it. I don’t loike. *evil’s laughs*

So, okay. I better off now.

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