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Friday, July 25, 2008


I have gazillion things to write yesterday. I was so pissed-off. Having a silly arguing with my leader was really not made my day.

Leader, yes, I’m your ‘anak buah’ but it doesn’t mean that u can simply used ‘exclamation marks’ when emailed me. i really cant take it. Hips, I’m an outspoken person though I looks like ‘diam-diam’ and 'shy-shy' one at office. So what I did yesterday is made some argue with her, as for me there’s no need to her to use “!” when emailed out to me. What the heck! Actually it’s not arguing but disagreement. I really-really don’t loike it, folks. I’ve replied back to her and asked her whether I did something rude to her and notified her that it’s no need to use ‘exclamation marks’ she was admit it. Remember eh, I’m not the one who can terima apa saja yg orang buat, no way, okay. Don’t put that expectation on me. I was like nak meletop semalam. Marah gile. Sh*t.

This morning, took 4 scoops F1. Better half ate nasi lemak.
Today, I am PMS-ing. I miss the days I have no menstrual and no pre and post menstrual syndrome. hari ni betul-betul tak ada mood. Even I keep text-ing better half (though he’s so busy, he’s keep replying my sms), I really- really down. Rasa macam nak jerit-jerit. *sigh*

Last night, went to The curve and gathered with my HL sponsor. Better half didn’t join us so he just toddles around. We discussed about this and that for almost 1 hour. Pittttyyy, Fuad. *giggles*
Ate famous Char kuey tiaw (haku adalah hantu CKT) for dinner and enough said, I didn’t take HL for the whole day yesterday. Bagus kan? =)

Again, want to share with u guys; better half noticed me that I look slimmer than before. Ohh! I was so pleased to hear that. Don’t cha? *big laughs* I feel enough contented, sayang. Today, I’ve put on my new-28”-jeans and I looks good with this.

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