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Friday, July 04, 2008


Today is a pretty good day to me. Woke up at 6am and head out to office at 6.45am. I didn’t have enough sleep last night; a lot of things were going through my mind. I was feeling too critically moody since yesterday. My leave on 11th July has been freeze by big bos. Oh sh*t! all the leaves have been freeze until further notice and bos only allowed us to take replacement leave (agong’s holiday) since it’s gonna be expired by end of this month. the fact is I have to cancel my leave. I have to! Oh sh*t!

I’m still coughing every here and then. I hate this. Maybe the reason why this became worse is I didn’t take all the medicines that has been given by Doc. Yes, I don’t have enough time even to take cough syrup at least once a day. How busy I am... Haiyoo. Uh!

Oh. I’m bored to death at this moment. I’m do surf internet at the middle of work. *giggles* Peoples, I am sick :(

I have nothing to write now. It’s only 2.37pm, two more hours to go. Huh. Hey, maybe ‘little therapy’ will make me well? Who knows? *laughs*
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