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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Hello hips!
I have a lot to blog about but I am still procrastinating. I have workload in the office & laziness. =)

Last night, after better half fetched me from office, we forwarded to Cinneleisure Damansara to watch Sepi.

For those who supported film “Cinta” before, believe me, Sepi will not disappoint u though Sepi’s theme is quite similar with Cinta. I really, really enjoyed watching Sepi last night. Same goes to Better-half. Sepi has three different stories of Adam, Sufi and Imaan who are facing some challenges in their personal lives and relationships. For me, the strength of the script is amazing and Sepi’s strength lies in its script. Sepi stands on its own. Two thumbs up to Kabir. :) oh! I was marveled for Pierre.. and I luff watching all his scene :) he's one of the superb actor for me! The so-unexpected and twisted part is when we found out that Kahlil is actually dead. Sampai balek rumah pon, aku terbayang-bayang si Kahlil ni kat beranda rumah… adeyhh…takott.

At this time when I’m jotting down, mama wan Rohana, lil farah and Faez on their way to KL and received SMS from farah just now, they were already at Raub, Pahang. Prayed for their safety and really hope that they will be arrived by this evening with safe. Amen.

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