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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

being Moi

Things are not getting better in July; it’s not as good as compared with June. Maybe I am too sensitive for my own good. Oh…. I’m hoping that the entire thing will be getting better soon…

Hurm… I ought to rent another house & I have no choice, due to petrol price is already raise up and for sure my monthly belanjawan will be raised up too and I’m the one who badly-affected.. *sob* *sob* Maybe somewhere around Ampang or Pandan Indah. And..Sentul perhaps. (Currently I’m staying in Ara Damansara, it took almost 30minutes from Ara Damansara to KL on weekdays other than 15 minutes on weekend.) And of course better-half will move out too from his current house. I can’t survive without him. Yes, I’m big enough but he’s the one who will pick me up from home and send me to office, he as well fetch me from office and send me back to home, everyday we spend the quality time together, we have our breakfast and dinner together, except for lunch. Hey, I’m deserved for it eyy *laughs*, he’s my love, my other half & my wicked boisterous laughing companion.. ngeee..i have so much fun with him and certainly both of us love spend time together-gether. Like mum said, we spend almost 25hours per day together. Tee-heee :)
Thank you for the most 'colorful' and lovely day I have experienced, Sayang & i feel being loved deeply.

'Be calm - love me –
today - yesterday –
what tearful longings foryou - you –
you -my life - my all –
farewell,Oh continue to love me –
never misjudge the faithful heart,
of your beloved.Ever thine.
Ever mine.
Ever ours.

'By Ludwig Van Beethovenfrom SEX AND THE CITY The Movie”

Ok, let’s move to another story.

I am so excited to be an aunt AGAIN for the 12th time! Supposedly yesterday is the due date for Along to give-birth her eighth baby. The whole families are waiting to hold our new comer soon. Should be baby girl, I reckoned. :) I can’t wait to cuddle u honey bunch! :)
I haven’t prepared any pressie for my new niece yet, never mind, will prepare it later. *giggles*

What else ya?..
Most of the items of mine from my branded couture are sold out already. Thanks to all the buyers. Numerous of branded clothes will be uploaded soon.=)

Ok then. Will blog later.

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