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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Hey babes!

owh! I’ve been missing from blogging for 5 days and it’s because I’ve been really, really busy for this week. Plus I was slightly unwell for a few days already. I went and seek for Docs for two times already. First was Dr Bavani and 2nd was a Doctor at Bdr Tasik Selatan’s clinic. I went there and was accompanying by mum since visited mum and stayed at Along’s house on Saturday. Oh ya! We’ve cancelled our plan on that day since; better-half’s auntie was getting fine already. Alhamdulillah. So, I’ve took one day leave on 11th July (same goes to better-half) and planning to go back to hometown by next week. Hooyey! I really, really miss hommie! Hurm ):

I thought ¾ of last Saturday was spent with sleeping then mum woke me up and asked for lunch treat. Drove to The Mines and headed ourselves to Pizza Hut. Mum enjoyed her pizza so much and she managed to finish the small pan alone. J Ya, she is pizza’s big fan. And then we did jalan-jalan and I managed to grab a long stripey top in brown color. Owh, I love to make some therapy even in fever mode. *giggles*

Well people, I’m still down with fever and my throat is sores as hell. *sigh* I am so wanna be at home, roll in my bed with my comfy comforter, hug my heart-shaped-pillow-that-was-given-by-better-half, make a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy my sleep. I’m totally bored at office. *sob sob* I feel tired and sleepy. My throat is become worse since I have to talk a lot. Enough said I feel grumpy. Uh.

High School Musical and Ice Tour is coming to Malaysia this becoming August 2008 school holidays and I’m pleased to hear that ING Malaysia employees may purchase the tickets at 25% discount. Big yeay! Already inform better half about this and he decided to book and purchase the ticket and we know that his lil sistah is really, really crazy with High School Musical. (:

What else?


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