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Monday, July 14, 2008

My Good Day

Hello guys! Sorry for the lacking entries last weekend & normally I didn’t blogging during weekend, don’t u notice that? =)

My weekend’s was great. Yeah, great. Most of the time was spent with mum and mama Rohana and little Farah too since they were here last week. Oh ya! Along gave birth last week and I have a new cute niece. I love to cuddle and hold her in my arms. She’s cute and tiny. I didn’t prepare any present yet for her.

We went out to pavilion yesterday. Better-half, me, yanny, Faiz, another Faiz, Ewan and Issey. We watched Hancock. Lepaking with good food. Did window shopping. and so many on…Let’s picture do the talking..

Hey. The internet connection at home is like a*s. so I’m not able to update frequently… *sigh*

Hey girls! Since hari raya is just around the corner, have u all got any baju raya made for this year? Or are u going to get ready-made baju raya? Hurm.. I haven’t thought about it yet. Erm..No, I thought it once yesterday, when we passing by Jln TAR, and I told better-half 'B,hujung bulan nie, kite beli baju raya,eh?..'
Yes, we absolutely decided to look over it end of this month. Perhaps, I’ll get 3 @ 4 pairs of kain pasang for my baju kurung. And of course one of them is family-theme-color.. (: normally, we’ll dress in theme. I reckoned, kebaya will not be made for this year. Maybe.

I feel so damn happy today. *big big grins*, I already have my cheque and I’m gonna to deposit it soonest possible. :) hurm. I don’t think I need to tell u what type of cheque it is. :P

Oh ya! mid year ING staff gathering will be held at Sarawak Room, Shangrila Hotel on next week 22nd July. As far as I concerned, attire has not been decided yet. BUT. I have to find something nice for it. Hurm. Habes lagi duet haku. L

end of update.

i was so happy today :) for quite some time, i'm not feel so good as today....

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