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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life is good.

Hello hips.
Currently I feel like my brain’s cells are jumping up and down. Feel tired. My day is murky. I went to Medical Division at 4th floor and seek for Dr Bavani. I have been told that, I got a bit of fever. My body is warm, feeling dizzy and getting flu already. Huhu. When I went to sleep last night, I was so exhausted, grumpy and stressed... lately I was so busy with my work plus with new project for ING that I have to manage it on my own and the result is I didn’t have enough time for myself. ):

Bad news.
Better-half’s close-auntie was admitted to HUSM due to some problem with her throat. The operation was done by yesterday and she has been warded to ICU for some medical follow-up. Better-half was sooo sad and in cheerless mode. Pity him. Hoping that everything will be going as well as before.
Mama Wan Rohana told that, that old lady keep asking where Fuad is. Better-half and I are planning to back to hometown by this becoming Friday’s night for visiting her auntie. Called and asked mama whether she would like to join us together (mama’s staying at Along’s house) and totally agreed. Happy (: home-sweet-home. (:

Leng told that prices have been marked down at Zara’s Outlet. Oh ya. I didn’t notice that, I’ve bought 3 tops and 2 high waist belts in white and black colors by this week and I was so-called-lack-of-penny. Huwaaa.. ): *sob sob* but… I really wish I could be there, at least to grab one cute piece of Zara’s outfit. Anybody want to give me some penny for me to realize it? *laugh*

Actually, I’m deciding to have a new flat shoe for my casual use and also a new pair of stiletto for my work’s use. Guess’s flat shoes and Replay as well are catching my eyes currently. Hurm. Believe what, saya mengumpul duet utk itu. *laughs* perhaps, middle of July, a pair of them will be mine. Perhaps. I’ll be glad if I manage to get it earliest than that. *chuckling*

Did I hear someone yawn? Herm. Never mind. I didn’t care with what you going to say bout me, this is my life, don’t you ever care bout my life. (Totally pointed to silent readers). I love to spend my penny on shopping. Who cares? La la la.

And tonight, I have to start getting everything ready for my travel on Friday’s night. (:

What else..

Ow ya. Both of my sale-blogs have been updated with new hot-tops of mine, so for those shoppers, do check it out ya! *giggles*


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