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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Gobble up?

Hello people.
Salam Ramadhan. Today is the third day in this enormous fasting month.

It takes almost a week for me to update this blog as I was on leave and went back to hometown.
Mannn…in fact, I wanna blog and talk more and upload more pictures. But I am consumed with too much kerinduan pada keluarga…so nanti-nanti lah.. *sad*

I just wanna do nothing now :)

fikir-fikir…apa juadah untuk berbuka nanti..
Should I choose “nasi campur”or “nasi tomato”or “nasi beriyani”…errmm.. ohh i so-want “ayam golek”.. but, Taufu-fa is a must! *grins*

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