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Thursday, September 04, 2008

On The Other Day On Hunger Strike...

Hello people.

Salam Ramadhan.

Yaaa.. This is what you get when the blogger is blogging with a headache plus with so bad sore throat and lack of sleep (Mann.. I woke-up as early as 3am and prepared fried rice, telur mata and serunding for sahur) plus a lot of unfinished work, plus she’s craving for food, she’s craving for “Ayam Golek” because rainy yesterday she only bloated herself with ‘nasi goreng-goreng’ at Kg Baru, devoid of ‘Ayam golek’, without taufu-fa, butttt…she managed to buy rm1 soya bean and rm2 popiah jagung. Heh. Pernah makan popiah jagung? Seringgit 2 ketul. *grins*
Alas, we failed to buy any foods from Bazar ramadhan (ohhh I was so rindu to call it Baram, I missed my student’s cycle. how fast time flies ya.) due to we come to a sticky end to park my baby Neo…. Huh huh. So people, today, I’m looking forward to have no less than nasi campur for breaking my fast.. I’m wish to… huhu.
Dlm keriuhan dan kesibukan Kg Baru, i spotted one girl. She’ve put on a green shirt and she walked around with her lover boy. Yeah! She’s Rara! She waived her hand to me… yes.. tak silap lagi.. hehe. Quickly, I told better half and tunjok tu Rara. *wink*

Err.. what else….
Since I have nothing much to rant about, let me put up all the period of my previous days… :)

We dine in Pizza Hut and celebrating her 24th Birthday shindig. We’re really happy and had so much fun together…. Kaka, next time, we MUST get together again and should set up one proper day which nobody will fasten together. Only four of us. Promise? *laughs*

Mann… she managed to munch eat 2 slices of Super Supreme Pizza and two pieces of chicken wings.. Ohh.i cant believe it! Demn….

During Ramadhan, our working hours is until 4.30pm. yeay! It’s 4.16pm already, a few minutes left…. Yay!

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