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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am not a flip flop girl!

Buttt.. I love wearing heels…. =)
I need a new pair of Raya’s shoes. Have you got yours, people?
Essentially, I’m looking for a pair of stilettos for this becoming Syawal, in black indeed. I’m be mad about peep stilettos compared to stripy heels.. I, for one, tend to always fall for the same type of shoes….

When I put them on, I’ll feel more confident, more alive and more sexiness, perhaps! :p
I quite hatred stripy heels, maybe because it’ll cause feet ache or zebra tan lines if u wear it throughout the day….

I goggle and i have a weakness for this..

and this lip-smacking stilettos...

I was eyeing for these stilettos for ages already… It’s so… hurm… scrummy… oh! I better get the black one… huhuh.. oh! today is 11th, sixteen days to go for salary... :(

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