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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Grrrr.. I superrrr pissed-off!!
Hips, can u imagine that I only entitled Raya leave starting on 1st October and I HAVE TO come to work on 30th September until 4.30pm??? isshhhh… I was like………eee.rasa macam nak.. hurmmhhh.. tak tau la nk cakap apa.. Dim! I was begging like stupid person and end up, I only entitled leave starting on 1st October up to 9th October. How sad. In fact, I told my leader that I really do not wish to take leave on 6th October till 9th October but she said I OUGHT TO. OMG. My boss is so thick! And Stup*d too! Hurghhhhh!

To make my heart feel relieve a bit, i ‘m listening to Raya’s songs in my lappy since morning to now… err... those raya songs makes me miss everyone even more.... sedihh nyee... :(

Urgh! Benci okay! And breakfasting with Better-half’s department at Nelayan Titiwangsa, today cheer-up my mood. Thanks, dear.

I wonder what tomorrow brings….
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