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Sunday, September 28, 2008

facts about myself

Tagged by my dear Athirah.

# Share 7 facts about yourself; some random, some weird.

  1. I super duper hate leech! Ewwww!!! And any other species that have the same similarity to it, bloodsucker and slimy like it... Pacat pon sama. Boleh pengsan tau.. ewww.
  2. I love white and I realized that I have lots of white tops and stilettos!
  3. I can't leave the house without wearing at least 3 inches-high shoes... truth is, that 3inches is one of the factor that boost up my level of confidence for the felt so discomfited if I slipped on my flats. Pakai flats only bila nk drive jauh-jauh.
  4. I hate horror movie! Kasi tiket free pon tamau. *laughs*
  5. My weakness (ni kawan2 Uni mesti tahu) is bila orang kejar dari belakang, seriously, I cant run away… memang tak boleh… if ada orang kejar, I’ll stop then akan marah orang yang kejar tu , tatau nape. Sebab tu, masa tadika, tak suka maen kejar-kejar. *laughs*
  6. I’m the type yang suka buat surprise and I love surprise too. =)
  7. i love coffee. :)

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