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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hari raya is approaching..

Hari raya is approaching and I’m all in the mood for Hari Raya already (yes, before this, I was not in Hari Raya’s mood for the reason of my Hari Raya’s leaves, but no more qualms now. Teeeeheeee). I tot up, 6 days left before we greet Aid-Mubarak! Syoknye! =) anddd… 3 days left before we off to…. “Balik kampong Ooo0 Balik kampong” *laughs* Furthermore, like always, I keep repeating playing all Hari Raya’s songs, oh, I miss my mom so much. =(

Bunch of thanks for Syamiey for this lovely Raya card. :)

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