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Friday, September 12, 2008


Today is 12th September and its well into the second week of this blessed Ramadhan…more than 2 weeks left before we greet Syawal. Besides give over myself to do more ‘ ibadah’, it is also a great time for me to get together with friends and family, some more masa Ramadhan ni la akan dapat call dari kawan-kawan lama yang jarang contact to breakfasting together. I feel blessed having another year and another chance to celebrate this time with friends and family. Tapi sedih, tahun ni dapat berbuka kat rumah with mum only once on the first Ramadhan and the rest until end of Ramadhan, berbuka(sudah berazam untuk berbuka ala kadar je orrrr....i'll put on weight) dgn better-half, as I’ll back to hometown on malam raya. I’m pretty sure, traffic jam will be so bad lah nanti..harap-harap sampai rumah before sebahyang raya… isk. How sad. Huh!

Next week, I’ll have a gathering of department for berbuka puasa 20th September and we are heading for Muara Ikan Bakar, Klang. Then on 18th September, we will have colleagues gathering for berbuka puasa too at JW Marriot sponsored by ING.

Hurm.. what else.. ah. I should stop from writing this crap things :) tee-hee What shall I have for berbuka puasa today?.. erm.. yes, nasi kerabu. Oh! Craving. Craving.

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