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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Last 8 Days Of Ramadhan

It’s the last 8 days of Ramadhan, and yesterday we managed to get together with some friends for breakfasting at SS2 Murni after we did some shopping at Sunway Pyramid, I pretty sure, KL was flooded and jammed with jutaan umat manusia. Ha-ha, actually, I was hoping to have a new pair of stilettos for Jalan-jalan, and Better-Half found something dead gorgeous and different, something grey-ish and it’s 3inches….i lurve it and ultimately I tend to purchase it.. =) puas hati! Heeeeheeee. ;P

Before we headed four of us (Paeh & yani coupled together with us too) to SS2 Murni, we forward to Kelana Jaya Pasar Ramadhan for some kueh-mueh, beli satay and popiah basah tapi tak sedap. Huhu. Then we moved to SS2 Murni, yay. Surprisingly, spot better-half’s friends, Azri & Qistina. So we all assembled together. I ordered Seafood Fried Rice, memang sodap and Nasi Lemak Ayam for Better-Half. 1 Ice Blended Mango & 1 Ice Blended Ribena. Kenyang tak terkata. Tee-hee.

And, last night we had watched Black Water at Cathay Cinneplex. I was so maddening sebab tak dapat tengok Mamma Mia. Uhuk! Ropa-ropanye sneak preview’s shows on Saturday. Huh. Black water is being based on true events, this crocodile movie was just okay for me, and it was very suspenseful. The acting is top notch and the camera work and music add to the 'where has it gone!' feel. A must see for suspense fans but I was not IMPRESSED with this movie! The people in it (only 5 actors in this movie, jadi 6 kalo campur BUAYA) with were so stupid and it wasn’t exciting at all. 2/10* huh.

"Three Cheeky monkeys, sitting in a tree,. Teasing Mr Crocodile. "You can't catch me". Along comes Mr Crocodile, quiet as can be and SNAP..."

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