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Friday, September 26, 2008

I was unfilled today..

Finally, I managed to squeeze in the time and walked into throng of people at Jalan TAR to grab for some hijab for Hari Raya. ;) better-half and I headed to Jln Tar last 2 days after we dine at Kg Baru. Once we get to Jln TAR, hastily I forwarded to TURKUAZ and stumble on all the hijabs there.. dengan di bantu Mr Fuad. He was so patient, uncomplaining, dig for the best hijab to be suited with my baju raya, I mentioned before I’m not so picky but I’m finding the finest for my raya =)
After a long search, I bought 2 pieces of hijab in shocking pink and satin red color. For those who never know about TURKUAZ, they are selling multiplicity of jubah, selection of baju kurung & baju kurung moden, casual attire, and lots and many kind of hijabs. My eyes will always bling-bling every time I step into TURKUAZ.
Okay people, it’s already 5.30pm, better half will be here in a few minutes later, got to go. Until then, bye.
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