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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Personal Touch.

Hello peeps! Happy Sunday!

I just staying at home today, plus its rainy-cozy day, feel warm and homely. So I decided to do some laundry for all ‘baju kotor’ and do some ironing for 5-days-work apparels. Senang keje aku. Tak susah-susah nak iron-iron lagi….. eheh.

Mama Rohana and Adik Farah are on their way to Kelantan now. Their flight’s time is 3.00pm today, Faiz helped to send them to LCCT. Happy flying for both of you. I am going to miss all of you again.

Yesterday, I woke early in the morning as received call from Mama asked about the flight’s ticket and Along texted me also asked about the same thing. Mandi-manda. Siap-siap. Better half came and fetched me, drove us to Jalan Raja Chulan. After dropped better half at his office I forwarded to Giant KJ since there’s a travel agency so it’s easier for me to buy the flight’s ticket there. I arrived at Giant around 9am, that travel agency will be opened around 11am, gosh! Tak larat tunggu sampai kul 11 pagi, aku terus amik baby Neo drive g airport Subang. Bought one flight’s tiket for Mum amounted rm282.00. oh my God. Mahal giler. Nasib lah. Dah beli dah. Huhuhuhuu~

Around 4pm, drove to kajang & fetched mum. Then we forwarded to LCCT. Mum’s departure time is 820pm so mum has to be there 1 hour 30 minutes before that, so should be 7.00pm mum has to be there. Unluckily, tersalah jalan ke KLIA. Aduh! That time memang bengang sangat dah lah drive sorang-sorang ke KLIA. This is my first time drive ke KLIA. Better half kerja, that why he can’t make it together. Uh. After pusing-pusing, asked Taxi’s Driver, finally jumpa jugeee… suke! Senyum riang! Better half texted from home “jgn kalut,syg”. Well….. u know me.. :) after mum masok balai berlepas, aku pun bertolak lah balik ke rumah. sgt penat. drive jauh. on the way to home, better half text ed asked me to come to their house since mama wan rohana was in KL. Makan malam ngan mama wan rohana, since she already masak-masak.. after made our tummy full, they decided to watch movie. we watched movie at cinneleisure Damansara. the movie is SuperHero. enough said, Super Hero tak BEST! almost 2 hours mama wan rohana, me & better half enjoyed our sleep in the cinema! and only Faiz and Farah who did fully-enjoyed the movie :) hehehehe.

ow ya! Today, i did bought one brown-hobo bag from Ware House. it is just a simple hobo bag for casual use. it's slouchy, unstructured bag. the most i liked it because it's very functional, it is playing double duty as handbag and shopper bag! :) cool!

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