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Monday, June 23, 2008

never give up

For the past 3 hours, I‘ve been spending time google-ing for online-shop, I’m looking for nothing actually, I just go through web by web. I feel bored. It’s totally bored. Ow! Today is Monday. My stomach is churning and I am all jittery. My head is spinning. I’ve taken 2 tablets of Uphamol just now. Oh GOD! I missed my mum so much (:
How bout your weekend? Mine is just ‘beautiful’. Ermm...We went to Ikano last night, since better-half is looking for new pants for his work-apparel. After done with a little shopping at Seed outlet, we headed our self to Cold Storage. Better-half loves it so much. We had fried rice, fried Mee Hun, ¼ watermelons, chicken roasted and 2 drinks. I went sleep last night after had chit-chats and laughing with Sis Ann for almost 40minutes. I spent the whole day with mum on Saturday and better half fetched me in late evening after he took off from work..

Oh! I have to some grocery-shopping this weekend.

Hurm.. I got headache.. I better off now from surfing.

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