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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Petrol price up by 78sen! OMG! Malaysia’s government announced yesterday about increase of petrol and diesel since they are not able to continue the subsidies to us. Yaks! I hate to hear that!!!! Because I one the Malaysian who will be too badly-affected cause of this! Cist! Owh ya! Electric rates go up too! *longgggg sighhhhhhh*

On the way to home last night, better-half and I was stuck in traffic-jammed for almost 3 hours, actually the jam started from 5pm. From 8pm until 11pm in traffic-jammed made me feel so tired. Most of the roads were locked as long queues of cars lined up at petrol stations to fill up in time before petrol pumps adjusted their prices in the middle of night. We already fill-up ‘baby Neo’ with full-tank-petrol. Huhu. *sigh* The government should take action against this! Huh!
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