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Thursday, June 19, 2008

ding dong

Hello peeps! I’m writing again. I so not in mood today.. aihhh! Hate this.

I received 2 calls from Kuantan and Perak, asking whether I was applying for loan before with Aeon Credit. And my answer is NO, I am not!. *sigh* how can? I text-ed better half and asked him to check through my ic no, whether there’s any fraud account or how. (Better-half’s working with Aeon Credit). He replied, “tade pon”. Hurm.. Never mind.

Hurm………. Sungguh mengantukkkk and letey,..and penat..oh nk rehat… I wonder how I can survive until 5.30pm…. uhhhh…..

Ow ya! I better off now to make hot Nescafe..

better half is snapping when i'm digging for book.

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