My Devotees

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Oh! I got it from a friend of mine. Osh s**t! I’ve told myself not to spend much penny on shopping again this month………… errr.. But… I can’t stop myself from shop and shop... will let better half know bout this. I am flatter if he loves to buy me a new top. Perhaps. *giggles* I love top shop & Dorothy Perkins, all their stuffs are adorable, plus with affordable price that I can get from that warehouse sale, of course I wont let myself from grab nothing. *sob sob*
Salary will be in on Friday’s night, perhaps and I have to manage it well.

Better half called me just now and told that, I’ve been invited to join his colleagues’ party at Sunway Lagoon on July 6th. My place has been reserved and payment has been done. OMG! I refused but better half insisted me to be there. What should I do? *sigh* Ya, I already meet up with most of his colleagues when I attended a few ‘majlis makan-makan’ before this, all his colleagues are friendly. Hurm. What should I wear on that day? I have to dig for a best cloth I reckoned. *bites my finger* uh. Never mind.

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