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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More kilos to go

Hello hips! I just come back from The Weld, made my tummy fulled with nasi beriyani at Asam Laksa Cafe, I loike it so much! Spent one hour time with kak Farah and we did chat about anything, families, husband and marriage! So much fun!

Yes, I noticed that I haven’t blogging as much about Herbalife and updated you all with my herbal life’s progress, since I’m consuming that good-health-food. I shall say that my progress is not too drastic because I’m not the one di kalangan yang obesity but I am only fat! Yes FAT. *smile* I look plump, I reckoned. Ngeeee. i haven’t reached my target jeans’s size yet, I also not reached my target top’s size which is UK8-10 (currently I’m wearing UK12, sometimes UK10 can fits me well). I realized that I can fit back my old-stored-tops that I didn’t manage to fit it before, all my work-apparels that ketat sana-ketat sini, I managed to wear it back and it is a little achievement to me. I should clap for myself. Ngeee. Better-half realized it too and he’s encouraging me to maintain with this good-health-food until I reach my ideal weight.

Besides consuming herbal life, I’m doing some workout 3-4 times a week with hope that I’ll burn more fats and increasing my metabolism rate. I do hope so. Ngeee. Late evening yesterday, while we (Sherina & me) are enjoying our work-out time, someone came and talked to me. A familiar-40yrs old-Malay man,I reckoned, he’s ING staff, working in DMD department and suddenly he said “ I think you should spend more time on treadmill and do more cycling, actually you are not fat, but slightly look plump. If you manage to lose a few kilos then you will have a great body-shape”. I smiled. Yes. Absolutely agreed (I’m not talking with my body-shape) with my plumpy-look. I am not toooo fat, just plump and a-bit-chubby with my height 159cm plus the weight is **kgs. Hehehe. So I should spend more time with treadmill and do more cycling. Yes! More kilos to go!

Here the pic goes(was taken by yesterday evening):

oh! i managed to burn 100 kalories. yey!

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