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Monday, June 16, 2008

Sounds of Shopping

Soooooooooooo sorry for the lack of posts lately...

well, I had some good time though on last weekend. Spent the weekend with better-half, we did window shopping and I did shopping too! *weee* oh! I realized that I can stop myself from shopping! By last weekend, I managed to grab a new-Sony Ericsson-hand phone that I have been eye-ing for decade from Sungei Wang *ngee* so, no worries anymore if I off to out-station because we still can 3G some more, so yeay! I also grabbed one-hot-must-grab whitey shirt from Armani Exchange (actually I want to grab two pieces, one more is in maroon color, better-half loike it too….but... arrghhhh! Forget it!), one-V neck-blue-simple-shirt from Top Shop (better-half like it most!), a-black-high-waist-belt from Miss Cindy (better-half chose it too)…by the way, It’s nice to be pampered that way, aite? * giggles*.

Ow ya! I bought a new-grey-bangle and thought to pair it with my new-grey-kimono-tops that I bought a few days ago from online-shopping! Yes, I love kimono-ish tops and I had a few pieces in my collection! We went to pavilion again, better-half grabbed Onitsuka-Tiger’s footwear in black color that he have been hunting for a month, he also managed to buy a new shirt from Guess Collection and I adore for new Guess jeans..Oh... I am melting! I have to wait for next month! Perhaps, I have to wait until me waist reduce a bit. Heheh. Hurm, I didn’t buy any necklace yet for this month..and I am looking for a new-blue-color that I can pair it with my new-Top Shop-top. *theeee-hee*
Yesterday, better-half, his friend named Ewan and I off to Alamanda, oh my God, Alamanda changed a lot ya! So many new shops will be opened soon. We also off to Sunway Pyramid, we bought nothing, errr..but not me..i grabbed loose powder from SaSa, not one case but two case. *giggles*.
Hurm. That’s all for last weekend, maybe it isn’t that much but I would say that I pretty satisfied with my limited $$$ and my own savings! :D

Oh ya! I can’t upload the pictures that have been taken from my new HP coz the memory stick’s adapter didn’t work!!! Argghh!!!! Willing to buy a new one tonight! Uh! Habes lg duet haku! wait ya hun! the pics will be uploaded tommorow!

What else….

Oh ya! I am planning to sell my AUTHENTIC personal collection to the people who wish to take care of them. Most of the unused and used items are still new and in excellent condition. Most of them are Armani Exchange’s tops, Miss Sixty, Energie, Calvin Klein Jeans, Guess, French Connection, Emporio Armani, LV’s shoes.. erm.. ya, got a pair of new stilettos, erm.. Many more! I will inform the details later ya! :) here for Shopaholics those like branded thing.

I'm extremely grateful for the existence of the term shopping. :)

p/s: aku lupe g wat facial!!!! boleh tak?? :( hurm.kne postpone lagi nex week. *sob sob*

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