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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


How’s everybody! :)
Did I mentioned before that my beloved baby Neo has been scratched by someone last week.. (Err. last week isn’t it, kak Ann?). I don’t know who was that person yang busuk hati! Whether sengaja or tak sengaja, wtf nk calar my car! S**t! Huh! We parked the car only less than 30 minutes after better-half decided to have some refreshment before we forwarding to Subang Air Port to pick-up Mum. Lepas tuh, tengok-tengok jer dah calar belah driver’s door. arrghhH! I hate this! I cried all the way to subang! Better half drove in mute, he didn’t say anything and of course I didn’t blame him. Not only scratch tapi dengan lekuk sekali. Isk! gerAm sampai hari nie. Kalau haku jalan tepi pintu tu, aku selalu buat tak pandang, nnti sakit hati! Erm.. Wondering why got such people yg tak reti nk hormat barang orang…….*sigh*

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