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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Unexpected-small-birthday-party in pyjamas?

even it was almost 1 am, he managed to eat Mc Chicken. :)
What should I say about those above pictures? Unexpected-small-birthday-party in pyjamas? I reckoned! Ngeeeee.. Better-half did make this small party for me. He texted me around 1150pm while I was enjoying my-tight-sleep and he asked me to go down. Unexpectedly, better-half was there. I was so happy. Again, he sang me ‘birthday’s song, suprised me with that 3-red-roses (i think it's pink) after he asked me to closed my eyes for a few minutes and it’s touched me a lottt. Hohoho.

We forwarded to the nearest Mc Donalds since I was wearing pyjamas. Oh! Tak sempat tukar baju tido actually. Hahah. He sent me home when time showed 1am. Thanks a lot, sayang. And I love u so much.

and to my-dearie-sister-that-u-know-who-you-are, thanks a lottttttt for this luvly birthday present! i luv it so much! It’s unexpected taw. We thought, it was ‘buah limau mandarin’. Haha. Notty!
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