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Friday, May 30, 2008

perfecto shopping

Hello! Good morning folks!

Better half and I arrived at ING building around 8am after dropped Ida at Hentian Putra. I bought one fried mee-hun and one ‘nasi kerabu’ for better half, from Pak Cik’s stall at the back of ING building. Rushed to mamak’s shop at ING basement car-park, I ordered hot tea for me and Ice Tea for better-half. We enjoyed our meal with some chit-chats and laughs.

Last evening is an extremely-exhausted-sleepy day for me. I like a dead beat already. Around 530pm, better half fetched me at office, we forwarded to mall Pavilion. Again? Yes, again. *giggles* actually better half looking for Onizuka Tiger foot wear since he’s addicted with that style, eventho he already receive a reminded call from Ted Baker London’s Boutique reminding his about the booking. Again, luckily, UK 9 size is out of stocks. Omigod! He was frustrated.

Suddenly, he said ‘yang, jum tgk jam tgn’. I replied “ok , jum”. I thought he just want to ‘tengok-tengok’. We went again to the same shop that we did shopping my GUESS timepiece. When he’s looking around at GUESS collection, his eyes clutched one GUESS Man’s watch-stainless-steel for casual use. He asked me, “yang, okey tak?”. Then I replied, “ha, okey sgt, B nak beli ke?”. He smiled. Adoi…… already decide nak beli kasot, lagi nak beli wrist watch. Aihhhh. After tried that time piece for 2,3 times, he decided to take it home. He said he wanted to have that hot GUESS collection same with mine. Okey. He got it, the bracelet is plated metal. Nice. Here it is:

I've been refraining myself from shopping perfume since last month and better half knew that I am craving a new bottle of perfume so much, anyhow yesterday, I finally grasped a bottle of perfume *yey*, it’s David Off Cool Water Game EDT. Actually I am searching for EDP but what can do since they only come out with EDT. It worth rm223/100ml. I seized it since better half really-really love the scent compared to others perfume that I choose. A fragrance as intense as a moment of fun. Colorful, luminous and playful. Well, i loike it :) much! ey folks! we bought it 2 bottles actually, one for me and another one for HIS mum, Mama Wan Rohana :) we are sharing the same scent. suke!

After done for that ‘therapy’, we moved out to Pizza Hut. Thanks better half for the bill. Hehehe. Okay! Perfecto shopping for yesterday. :) **biggg Grins**

Then, we fetched mum & ida from HKL since mum discharged from ward yesterday evening. We went home, since mama wanted to picked some of her clothes. Oh ya! Mum will be staying at my Mak Ngah’s house in kajang for this whole week since I am working, Ida have to go back to hometown then mum will be alone at home while I go to office. So we, ida, me and betterhalf decided to send mum to mak ngah’s house, mum absolutely agreed, because she will have ‘teman’ to borak-borak and do sembang-sembang. We arrived at my apartment around 10.30pm. OMG. Sangat-sangat penat. I picked some clothes for mum and better half is already there with mum, we forwarded to Kajang. Cari here. Cari there. Around 1140pm, we found mak ngah’s house. I almost tertidur dalam baby Neo. Really-really tak larat yang amatt. Then after sembang-sembang ngan mak ngah and her daughter, we balik rumah. At that time is already 12.30, sampai ke rumah je dah jam 1.30am. sangat penat.
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