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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

pstt.. pstt..

Today late evening, around 7.30pm better-half fetched me at office, have to go back late since got a training for our new product. ING Insurance Bhd will launch a new product this becoming 6th of June so we have to get through the product specs and detail about the product.

Hey folks! We went to pavilion mall again for some therapy. *giggles* we did a lil bit shopping. Better-half bought me a new timepiece *smile*. Finally. Heh heh.

A black-tone chain-link bracelet closes with jewelry clasp, with the red case is MINE already! Heeee. Big-big hooray! Anyhow, he offered me with Titus, but that black- Guess design is more sensuous and more suitable with my ladies-style. Oh sweetheart, thank you so much. I luv it J luv u too! So tonight I can sleep tightly. No more chicken-sleeplike before. *better-half said that* noty u!

After done for my thingy, we forwarded to Ted Baker London’s Boutique since better half decided to grab one of the hottest-light blue color- footwear from Ted Baker for his casual use. Unluckily, his size (UK9) is already out-of-stock, so they have to re-stock the UK9 size from The Gardens for better-half. We left our contact so easier for them to let us know once the thing is ready to be collected.
So hun, have to wait ya. No worries.

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