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Thursday, May 15, 2008

mum & him

My life is unsmooth.
12 days more then I’ll get May’s salary. Oh! i am suffering!
I need some money to do this and that, to buy that and this. Oh! I can’t stop myself from shop and shop. In reality, shopping is the best therapy isn’t it? Heeee.
Mum will be here by tomorrow morning.
I took 1 day compassionate leave for me to bring & accompany her to seek for the doctor in HKL.

This morning, while having breakfast at mamak stall, better half asked me “syg, nak apa birthday nnti?” I said “apa-apa lah” and smiled. Then I continued “jam Guess yg tgk kat Tangs haritu?” I smiled. “B, beg Paris Hilton pon chantek kan?” I gave him a big grin: D
He replied “later, we decide okeh?” I smiled in mute.
Well, he knows me well! :)

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Nik Nurehan said...

waa best nyerrr......!!!
tanya yerp mahu apa utk besday present....