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Friday, May 23, 2008

out of me.

Today is another day that I feel so “blahhhhhhh” (oh! I don’t have the correct word but…yeah…I mean it). I thought I am a strong girl but I’m not. I am tired with all the things happened surrounds me. I hate my work. I hate office. I am worried of Mum’s health and I begged to Allah S.w.t, hope that mum will be fine. I need lots of penny. God, please give me lots of penny!

Better half told that, we can never please everybody & I learned that. People dislike when we're being nice. People dislike when we're being not-so nice. People dislike when we pursue our happiness. People dislike when we pursue happiness for others. Selfish or selfless, they are never enough. We can never satisfy everybody no matter how hard we try. I've learned that we can never really understand how a person feels, even if we've known him or her our whole lives. (What else if we've only known them from far.) I am me and you are you. That's that. There's no way we can say, "I understand how you feel" because we don't. No, not really. So stop. Please stop because it is stupid. I cannot ‘tahan’ anymore I hate all of this & finally, I cried… and better half is always be my compy-shoulder-to cry on.. Thanks for being a good listener. Habes mekap ku comot semalam! Uh. :P

I still remember, an old friend said that: We can't make everyone happy, unless if you have some magical dust or pocket doraemon, then that's a different story… is it true?

I fetched mum from HKL last night around 9pm, pity her because she waited so long until I finished my work, sorry for that mum. After we made our tummy full, I sent her to Along’s house in Sg Besi then I go back to Damansara. Tired yang teramat. Better half went to shah alam last night with his brothers, visited their grandma, who is going to Mecca for ‘Umrah’ tomorrow. I can’t make it together since have to fetch mum.

For mum, I am trying to make you happy as best as I can. I want to be the best daughter to you. I want you to know that I love you so much.
And you are my life. *sob sob* I am prayed and begged Yang Satu to give you the good health.
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