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Saturday, May 17, 2008


yesterday, went to HKL with Ida & mum.
there's no parking lot available, then have to park Baby Neo jauh2 then walked together to Klinik Pakar Bedah Am in HKL. *tired* orang sangat ramai. tunggu 30 minit, then mum di panggil masuk. yes, there was Dr Haniff, the Doc in-charge for mum. he likes to say "oh! tak jauh" for that, "oh! tak jauh" for this. *hurm*
i asked detail for mum's problem and he explained from A to Z.
he told that mum MUST be warded a few days for them to do citi-scan and some check-up.
mum has been warded to Surgical Ward in level 3.
around 2pm mum did Citi Scan. around 5pm, Doc said, mum can be discharge from hospital. mum's happy. :) but mum will be admitted again on this Monday for Endoscope on this becoming Tuesday. well, I'll be here again. oh! i really-really don't like 'hospital'. *sigh*

then in late evening, we went to Sogo for some "therapy". *grin*
i bought a pair of 3inch stiletto for my office-daily-use. it was in black plus gold color. i loved it so much! In fact, i love stilettos for my work apparel, stiletto is more comfy than sandals. even it is in 3inch, i can walk confidently. i am finding a pair of Wedges but tiada yang menarik.

for dinner, better half bring Mum, Ida and me to Satay Kajang Haji Samuri, he knows that mum likes satay kajang. around 11.30pm, better half sent us home. better half, thanks for the treat. :)
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