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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Adore, Love & Desire in Fashion

As per told by aydelyn bout play dress up through virtually, I came across to that website and created my own styles. Below are some of the outfits that I created just now. I luff it so much and this is my style and my desire in fashion *giggles*. Ok fab, can? (:

Work-apparel :)
sexy-tary rite with the vest :) i already have it! Making me look all lady-like and gorgeous even when at work!

go back to the basics. sometimes when we’re feeling a little lazy or down, we just wanna snuggle up in a comfy piece, no?
A pinky simple top with a row of many buttons! simple yet cute! :)

Wear it casual :) nothing too loud in colour.. with flats-on, i can go shopping freely!

Awesome! a bit different from above. simple yet STYLISH! (i love to look stylish every time I dress up *grins*)

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