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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

i am the junk sale hunter!

On last Saturday, better half and i went to the Zara Warehouse Clearance in Hotel Corus, we arrived there around 5pm, so many shoppers there.. i left my handbag outside of the ballroom and stepped in the crowd of shoppers! OMG! My eyes terus bling-bling when saw all the hot stuffs hanging here and there.. hehe. After jalan-jalan and pusing-pusing for almost an hour, i grabbed two hot pieces from ZARA coloured bright orange (I didn’t have any pieces in orange colour) and old green with key-printed on that(it’s cute). i love these two pieces! No pic yet! It will be uploaded soon. :)

That’s all for this shop. I’m hunting for the next shop! i am the junk sale hunter!
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