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Monday, May 26, 2008

Life is a game....

Hi Folks!

How’s your weekend? Hurm..mine’s great and.. Errr…full of excitement I thought *smile*.. Since mama Rohana is here with Lil Farah, I spent half of the weekend with them and another half for my dear mum.. :) Ow ya! Mama Rohana is actually better-half’s Mum.

Late evening last Friday, they arrived at LCCT and Faiz fetched both of them. We met-up in Pavillion and had our dinner. After dinner, everyone liked a dead-beat already especially me *grins* I am so sleepy plus tired. Better half drove us home.

Yesterday was a fatigued day for us. We went to Sunway Lagoon since Lil Farah wanted to go there, hello adik….yesterday is not our first visiting to Sunway Lagoon yaa… yesterday is became the 10-th time already… can tak puas-puas mandi kat sana lagi ni… :) and of course without me, she wont go there since nobody will teman her to make sand-castle, to main this, to main that… hurhhh… but I am happy. We were there for almost for 7 hours! Owh. I almost drained after main main dlm air for 7hours…. *giggles*

Ow ya, since mum re-admitted to HKL again by today, I guess my 2-hours-daily-work out will be postpone to another week. *huhu*

Mum will go through the operation by tomorrow. Ya Allah, I beg YOU for her good health. Amin.

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