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Monday, May 12, 2008

Wardrobe Clearance

Recently I am thinking about to sell most of my items that already purchased but I didn’t wear or use it, the item that I used but I don’t want it anymore.

I have lots of things in collection but most of them, I didn’t wear it. Some items, I just wore them for twice or several times only. I have a few pieces of designer’s shirt (hard to get it, but what to do?) that can’t fit on me anymore (yes!! I noticed that, I am EXPANDING) aissshhhh!!! Uh!

At first I was thinking to throw it away or just keep it in my closet until the things di makan ‘anai-anai’ . eheh. But..rugi kan kalau buang… herm… why not I just try to sell them online. Perhaps, there are maybe some peoples who have the interest to buy it …. So, I start to downloading some pictures and upload to a new-shopping-2nd hand items-blog ... :-)

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