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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

love letter.

Love can be expressed in many ways and many methods. One of the methods is by write a love letter, herm, it sounds traditional isn’t it? But I love it. :) Who cares? :)
Dear Fuad Sayang,

Thank you so much for coming into my life and showing me that there are still good men in the world. Thank you for being so caring and sweet. Thank you for being so just so wonderful in every way. Thank you for letting me loves you like I do. Thank you for always being sincere. Thank you for being you. Even though so many “thank you”, I appreciate for every moment, the time that you spend for me. I knew from the day we met, that you were meant for me. B, you know, how happy I am when I am with you - you make me who I am. I thank Allah everyday for leading us to each other. You complete me. I think back to how empty my life was without you, and I am so grateful that you are here. B, I can't wait to spend our new chapter of our life, forever with you.

I love you Fuad, with everything I am..

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