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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

smile with tired face :)

I just tired.
… And stressed. I need a vacation, perhaps =) I can imagine, if I have a vacation to Phuket, rest and relax, pamper myself.
Owh! Owh! *teruja*
I need some therapy *grins*
Owh! Perempuan tidak dapat di pisah kan oleh beli dan belah.

Berkunjung ke mall Pavillion lagi semalam, menemani Faiz untuk sesi beli dan belah di kedai AX. Better-half juge tidak ketinggalan mencOba itu, mencOba ini. Finally, Faiz bought browny-leather-AX belt. Better half bought nothing since we (saya & dia) are still waiting for our salary for this month. Yey! For this month salary, we are absolutely agreed to spend some of it to buy 2 hot thingy for both of us! *melting. melting*

all of AX stuffs are catching their eyes! me too!

me & lil Farah
leggy...leggy..aiyooo! dont look at left-side ya.. :)) *giggles*

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