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Thursday, May 22, 2008

taggy taggy

I was tagged by Ann and below is the 7 facts about me! (:

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7 facts bout Ellena:

1. When I was in primary school, I was scared with the sound from ‘blender’, so everytime mum start to blend spices; I will start to run jauh-jauh. *grins* and the surprise is Better-Half oso experienced the same thing in his childhood memories. *big grins*
2. I am Geminian. *smile* and Better-half oso Geminian!
3. i loike cars :) I am Neo-rian! I love speeding while driving!
4.I love to go to swimming pool but the in fact is I can’t swim because: lack of water-self-confidence! Hohoho! I wish I can swimming freely!
5.I am a romantic person! *grins*
6. i am a simple person, who’s love shopping and make-up! Errr.. I love coffee too!!!!!~
7. I am FAT! (: teeee heeeee

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